Make your transition from

academia to industry in 2024 

PhD to Industry Blueprint, is a 1 hour long high-quality free course, that delivers a complete roadmap for finding career clarity & building a personalized strategy to make an industry transition that you can execute on your own.

8 chapters  -  1 hour  -  $0!
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What's Inside the course?

How to pick the next 'right' job

Learn how to balance long-term goals using "Zone of Genius" and take immediate short-term consistent actions lead increase success rates.

How (& why) to  target 1 career field

Most job seekers apply for any job they think is a good fit. This usually leads to a shotgun. approach. What brings the most success is a 'sniper' approach. Here I teach why and how to target 1 career field for maximum chance of success.

How to Identify Your Skills (and Gaps)

Next, I'll share a structured method to self-assess your skills. You can use it to highlight your strengths and cover your gaps. Leverage these through interviews, all the way to the offer!

How to Shortlist Companies and Roles

Great careers being with great fit role and great companies. I share 5 different unique ways to uncover great companies and roles that align with your skills, ambitions, and values. 

How to craft your strategic career narrative 

What most people miss is a strategic narrative for your application. 
Here I share a framework and examples of how you can build your own and get started executing your plan to make your transition real. 

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Here's what we're hearing about this course

Get my free copy of the course!

Who's behind this?

Hello there, I'm Aditya Mahara!

I founded Ph.D. to Industry with mission is to empower PhDs and postdocs to achieve fulfilling and well-paying post-PhD careers. 

Over the last decade, I’ve completed a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Thayer School at Dartmouth, transitioned to Siemens Healthcare (Med Devices), grew to Director of Product at    AstraZeneca (Pharma) and today I am a Product Lead at Medable (CNBC's 2022 Top Startups for Enterprise). 

Outside my Product Career, I am passionate about helping PhDs and academics in their careers.

Find me on LinkedIn here:

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